The town of Felicity is dedicated to remembrance.

Our Museum.engraves in granite highlights of the collective memory of humanity

 Click to view MUSEUM OF HISTORY IN GRANITE at this World Commemorative Center   

The tribute that endures


Each monument (Granite Museum-Walls )  tells the history of the  Country or entity whose monument it is.  Each identical monument is one hundred feet long, and designed by structural engineers for 4,000 years. View  How a Museum-Wall is Built  for specifications, details and photos of massive construction.

View existing monuments: The  Quest for the Sky (Histoire de l'Aeronautique Francaise) , The Foreign Legion, The Marine Corps Korean War Memorial ,The Wall for the Ages  and, The History of Humanity (8 completed monuments now being engraved).

World Commemorative Center at Felicity          Early concept  – monuments over 1/3 of a mile

A Message from the Mayor

"Dear Friends of Felicity - The enormous job of collating information, short biographies and photos for the thousands of names already engraved on the monuments, as well as for each to be engraved, and making this information readily available, is slowly under way. Here you may view a sample page.Regards, Jacques-Andre Istel "


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